A blend of specially selected naturally occurring microbe organisms in a liquid
solution to clean soil, water and other materials which have been contaminated by
hydrocarbons eg oil spills. These microbes are naturally-occurring organisms which
degrade the hydrocarbons into harmless molecules.

This non-hazardous product breaks down toxic emissions and degrades hydro
carbon contaminations fast.
Once the extent of oil contamination has been established. Microbial Treatments are
applied, and tested regularly to monitor the degradation progress and provide data in
order to degrade soil contamination levels to condition soil back to before the
contamination occurred.
This approach allows the contamination to be treated in situ and reduces the need to
remove and process contaminated waste. This is a less intrusive process than the
traditional dig out and back fill method and offers cost saving up to 40%
This microbial product is manufacture under ISO registered production.
All product testing is carried out by UCAS accredited laboratories.
Certified Toxicity Free and Bio Degradable to 98.5% within 28days.